About me:

Industrial Automation, Project Management, Design

I’m an automation engineer with experience in all related fields. I can deal with difficult tasks in harsh environments.

I can put together minds and knowledge. I know a bit from everything.

Free energy

30 Years of experience in every possible environment and industry: Oil and Gas, Offshore, Onshore, Maritime, Construction, Ship Building

I love what I do. I keep it simple and straight forward.

I’m always trying to make the most of my job. To find the fun and satisfaction in technical challenges, to untangle drawings and reports to make things clear and straight forward. Nature is simple yet efficient, we should stay simple in design, take advantage of nature’s law and make them work in our favor. This is my goal in every environment that I work. To bring clarity, satisfaction to the client, and see things progress with least effort.

Reliability is the key. If I can’t fix something, at least I’m not breaking it. I’m going to document it, study it, present it to a specialist who will find a way. Then, I learn.

If I can’t fix it, at least I won’t break it.

I’m not going to show of an “impressive” CV. I don’t have to. It’s for real.

I worked in: Algeria, Angola, Qatar, Emirates, Nigeria, US, UK, China, Singapore.

I worked in Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Construction, Maritime.